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Diary of a Castaway

Eva Lilly Johannsen Stiles Burton Lafferty♥
3 August
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Three years ago Lilly was discovered by a Ford agent on the streets of Kelowna, BC, but passed up an offer to sign with the agency. While acting had been a dream of hers since she was a teenager, she abandoned the notion for the more aesthetic dream of working in international relations. Six months later Lilly moved to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia and decided to sign with Ford to help pay for tuition. After appearing in a few commercials, she decided to give up acting and focus on studying. A couple of years later, a friend urged her to give acting another shot and, after a role in “Kingdom Hospital,” Lilly caught the acting bug.

Lilly founded and ran a world development and human rights committee at her university. She has lived under a grass hut in the jungles of the Philippines with a missionary group, and has been a volunteer for children’s projects since the age of 14.

Lilly is fluent in French and loves ice skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing.

"The Long Weekend"

"Lost" TV Series
as Kate

"Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital" TV Series
as Benton's Girlfriend
Episode: 1x08 Heartless
Airdate: April 22nd 2004

"Judgement Day"
as DJ Girl

Amy Foxy Samaire Ian
Hayls Kelly Fallon! Sophia!
Dom Lij Hartnett/Foshizzle/Big Bro Maggs
James JARED Jess Josh
Jules Keira Kiki Liz
Mandy Nat Neve Olivia
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HIL Taylah Chris Will
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One Tree Hill is Love
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The Guys of One Tree Hill are Love
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James Lafferty is Love
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